Nokia today added the Nokia 9300i to its line of smartphones aimed at enterprise users. The phone supports Wi-Fi, features a full keyboard and has 80MB of memory.

It also supports push email platforms from Research in Motion, IBM, Oracle, Seven Networks and Visto. The phone will operate on EDGE (Enhanced Data for GSM Evolution) networks and the Wi-Fi radio is based on the 802.11g standard. Users can make conference calls with as many as five callers and can talk via a speakerphone.

Nokia expects the phones to be available in Europe, Asia and for GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) users in the Americas in the first quarter of next year. In a market that doesn't subsidise phones, the handset is likely to cost end users around €700 (£479).

Notably absent from the line-up of compatible push email suppliers for the phone is Intellisync, the developer of remote access platforms that Nokia recently agreed to purchase. The companies that supply the compatible email platforms have worked with Nokia to integrate their products. "With Intellisync, we haven't done this kind of joint go-to-market work yet," said Pekka Isosomtti, a spokesman for Nokia's Enterprise Solutions Group.

Over the past few months, Nokia has made several announcements supporting its intention to target the enterprise market. In addition to its own Nokia Business Center software that offers push email, Nokia also introduced the Eseries line of handsets aimed at business users. In mid-November, Nokia announced plans to purchase Intellisync, which will allow it to expand its push email offering to include remote access of essentially any corporate data.