A forum poster on a Chinese Apple website recently published what he claimed to be the specs for Apple's upcoming Apple iPhone model. If accurate, the next iPhone should be a lot snappier and will include the following:

• 32GB of storage A solid increase from the current max of 16GB.

• An upgraded 600Mhz processor More speed. The current Apple iPhone 3G clocks out at 400Mhz.

• 256MB of RAM The current iPhone has 128MB of RAM. So far this is looking pretty good.

• A 3.2Mp camera With autofocus

• A digital compass

• An FM radio

Lastly, the anonymous poster also notes that the next Apple iPhone will retain the same shape and screen dimensions as the 3G model.

Overall, the above specifications are impressive, but realistic enough to be considered credible - though the inclusion of an FM radio doesn't really seem like something Apple would do. Nonetheless, the upcoming iPhone looks to be a significant upgrade from the current 3G model, and lucky for us, Apple's WWDC is only a few weeks away.

A somewhat comical and convoluted Google translation of the forum posting can be found over here.