Fennec, the mobile version of Mozilla's Firefox web browser,has been made available in beta.

According to Mozilla, Fennec, which is only currently available on Nokia N810 internet tablets, has been optimised to offer faster zooming and smoother panning.

"We've done heavy optimisations to our frontend code and made a number of optimisations to the platform," said Mozilla developer Stuart Parmenter in a blog.

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Nokia N810 internet tablet

"We've also been able to improve startup performance by reducing a good bit of unnecessary work."

The mobile browser also features TraceMonkey, Mozilla's Javascript rendering engine, as well as the ability watch videos on websites using plug-ins and support for bookmark folders.

"A number of performance hotspots have been identified that we'll continue to focus on until we ship - in fact, we have fixed number of issues already for the next beta. One of our main focuses for the next milestone will be on polishing the user interface - areas like the extension manager will get a face lift and we'll start working more on some of the usability issues people have reported," added Parmenter.

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