Motorola and Kodak today launched the ZN5, a new candy bar-style mobile phone with a 5Mp camera, the first device from Motorola's new Zine line.

Developed in co-operation with Kodak, the ZN5 is aimed at users who don't want to carry a separate camera for photos.

The ZN5 handset allows users to take photos in several modes, including multi-shot and panorama. The panorama mode guides users across a scene with three boxes, then uses Kodak's Perfect Touch Technology to stitch the three photos together into one single image. Multi-shot reduces the time between capturing images, to allow users to shoot action or a series of photos.

The ZN5 weighs 114g and measures 118x50.5x16mm thick at the lens.

It stores photos to 4GB MicroSD cards, and can share photos by MMS, by sending the photo from email, by Bluetooth to a PC or other device, or can upload directly to sharing websites such as Flickr or MySpace. The ZN5 features Wi-Fi connectivity, although a source familiar with the handsets confirmed that the phones available in China, like many other models available from Motorola and other manufacturers, will not feature Wi-Fi.

Users can also print photos at over 90,000 Kodak kiosks, which support printing from MicroSD cards.

To test the quality of the ZN5's camera, Motorola enlisted eight photographers to document their cities - including Beijing, Sao Paulo, and London - during the 24-hour period, using only the handset. Johnny Leijonhufvud participated in the project as the Beijing photographer. Leijonhufvud, who shoots for outlets including photo agency Corbis, said of the final pictures, "I was actually impressed because I don't shoot on digital. I wasn't sure how the results would turn out, but I'm impressed."

Suggested retail price in China will be 3488 yuan (a little over £250), with the ZN5 available in China from July, with other markets to follow. Pricing in other areas was not immediately available.

The new Zine line is a series of devices designed to facilitate social media, file sharing and multimedia, a Motorola representative said.

It is unclear whether other Zine devices will also use Kodak technology, how many devices the Zine line will contain, or when other devices in the line will be available, Motorola representatives said.