As people own more mobile technology, Citrix expects issues around ease of use and functionality to continue to rise.

Worldwide combined shipments of mobile devices have been projected by Gartner to reach 2.5 billion units in 2014, a 7.6 per cent increase from 2013.

Senior support solutions manager, Ash Chawla, said service tickets from users are expectedly on the rise.

"Most workers may have a limited understanding of technology, even though they may own it,"

As consumers carry more technology than ever before, Chawla adds it is important to provide support networks that "resolve IT and tech-related issues in real time."

Social expectations

The demographic of the workforce has changed significantly and Chawla said there is now a "Facebook generation" to support.

This is a generation Chawla said have "limited patience in dealing with things."

"They take a picture and upload it on Facebook and immediately want to get lots of likes," he said.

"Since they think they can get things done easily on Facebook, they have the same expectation for every other technology out there."

In an environment such as this, Chawla said the approach to support needs a rethink as well.

"After all, that's the kind of generation you will be supporting," he said.

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