Five UK mobile-phone operators are working with the GSM Association to create a system to measure the effectiveness of mobile advertising.

The group of operators, which includes the Vodafone Group, Telefonica O2 Europe and T-Mobile International, has formed a working group with the association. The group's first project is a feasibility study, focusing on exploring how the mobile-advertising success can be measured.

According to Rob Conway, CEO of the GSMA, the commitment of the big five UK operators is critical for the development and future success of mobile advertising.

"The working group and the GSMA will facilitate crucial engagement between mobile operators, advertisers and agencies, to help ensure that mobile advertising realises its full potential for the benefit of all players in the ecosystem," he said.

"Mobile offers advertisers a new opportunity and we are responding to repeated demands from media planners around the world for more transparency of the mobile channel," added Richard Saggers, head of mobile advertising at Vodafone.

Depending upon the results of the study, it is hoped that the association and the operators can develop a concept for cross-operator advertising during 2008.

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