The mobile internet is fast catching its online parent, says comScore's European managing director Herve Le Jouan.

In an article in NMA magazine Le Jouan claims that mobile search (via a browser) has grown 33 percent to 4 million users, uploading/sending photos via the internet has risen 23 percent to 7m, and social networking has increased by 190 percent to 3m users.

Other growth areas in downloadable/browser services include email (including native/embedded email, up 26 percent), instant messaging (up 14 percent) and mobile map usage (up 76 percent).

"Without a doubt, content that was once segregated by the silos of the traditional media world is now intermingling as one. Media convergence is very real and it's happening right now," writes Le Jouan.

"The UK's PC-based online population currently stands at 34.9m people - relatively small when compared to the country's 47.5m mobile subscribers, but relatively large against the 12.5m of those subscribers who actually use their phone to access the internet. And therein lies the potential: if the web is on the cusp of reaching maturity, then web-savvy mobile devices are fast on its heels."

"This newly converging media landscape will provide an extremely attractive audience for advertisers and content providers alike," he suggests.