Nokia today announced that it will be giving away copies of the Hollywood blockbuster Mission: Impossible III with its N93 mobile phone handset. What's groundbreaking about this little sweetener is that the film, starring Tom Cruise, comes preloaded on a 512MB miniSD removable storage card.

Customers purchasing the handset with a Vodafone contract will be able to watch the film on the Nokia's 2.4in display, pausing and rewinding particularly spectacular special effects. Having watched the film from start to finish at 25fps (frames per second), it can then be transferred to a PC so the flash storage card can be reused for general storage. However, in a bid to satisfy Paramount Pictures' copyright concerns, the film cannot be played on the PC or copied to another memory card.

The Nseries N93 handset flips out sideways and can be used like a camcorder, capturing Mpeg4 movie clips and 3.2Mp (megapixel) photos, meaning owners can create their own mini-movies as well as using the phone as a playback device.

"We want to highlight that the Nokia N93 is not only a fantastic movie-making device, but that it is also a portable video player, allowing users to enjoy movies wherever, whenever," said Tuula Rytilä-Uotila, director of multimedia at Nokia. "You can even watch movies on an aeroplane with the device in offline mode."

The handset will be available from for £499 outright or from Vodafone for £100 on a £25-per-month contract. For more details click here.