Milton Keynes has been named the area of the UK with the slowest mobile broadband speeds by

Research by the comparison site revealed residents of the Buckinghamshire town receive speeds of just 1.73Mbps when using 3G mobile broadband connections, that's 45 percent slower than the UK's average 3G speed.

At this speed it would take 10 seconds to load a webpage and more than two minutes to download an app such as smartphone game Angry Birds. analysed the data from thousands of smartphone speed tests that were carried out by users of the comparison site's 3G speed test between January and March this year.

Leicester was named the second slowest town with an average of 2.01Mbps, while Huddersfield came third with 2.17Mbps. Cardiff and Liverpool were also named in the five areas with the slowest mobile broadband speeds.

Peterborough was named the area with the fast 3G broadband speeds, with residents achieving an average of 3.86Mbps.

"There's clearly quite a disparity when it comes to 3G connectivity across the UK. Despite the Government and mobile operators tirelessly working to increase the coverage and speed of the 3G service, there is evidently still a long way to go," said Alex Buttle, director of

"Advancements in mobile communications technology will be crucial if Britain hopes to remain an economic force on the world stage and compete in the global marketplace. More and more businesses are reliant on mobile broadband, but without adequate investment in the telecoms infrastructure, aspirations of mobile broadband speeds 16 to 20 times faster than are currently achieved will be just pipe dreams."