Microsoft says it has fixed a problem that made it difficult for Windows Mobile users to synch with Vista PCs. To fix the glitch, on Tuesday night, Microsoft launched Windows Mobile Device Center 6.1.

Designed for Vista users as a replacement for ActiveSync, version 6.1 of Windows Mobile Device Center 6.1 is an upgraded version of the software that lets Windows Mobile users manage their phones.

ActiveSync is software that lets PC users synchronise content such as calendar items between phones and PCs. ActiveSync should also make simple transferring content such as music and video files between Windows Mobile phones and PCs.

Early users of Windows Mobile 6.0 devices complained that the Device Center loses files or doesn't synch files at all.

"In the past, some users reported installation and compatibility issues with Windows Mobile Device Center [WMDC]," said John Starkweather, group product manager in Microsoft's mobile communications group, in an email statement.

"We have released an update to WMDC intended to improve the overall user experience."

Mobile Device Center 6.1 supports file synchronisation for all Windows Mobile 6.0 devices including smartphones. Other new features in Windows Mobile Device Center 6.1 include synching HTML-formatted mail and automatic device authentication.

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Microsoft also announced that in the third quarter Windows Mobile will be compatible with Office 2007. That means users of Windows Mobile 6.0 Professional and Standard devices as well as Mobile 5.0 touchscreen phones will get a free update that will let them read and edit Office 2007 Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents.

Also in the third quarter, device makers will be able to start shipping Windows Mobile 6.0 devices with Office Mobile 2007 preinstalled.

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