Singer, actress, heiress, party-goer and now hacker – is there no end to Paris Hilton's talents?

In perhaps the most bizarre and search-engine-friendly news story of the year thus far, The New York Times reports that Ms Hilton, already a favourite of the tech press since a number of viruses used her name for malicious purposes – was named as an early suspect when Lindsay Lohan* had her BlackBerry hacked.

It seems that several of Ms Lohan's friends received messages from the high-tech portable device that were "disgusting and very mean", and, as her representative put it, "Some people think Paris may have been involved because the wording of the messages sounds very familiar."

Paris herself, of course, had a similar device hacked into two years back, with the result that contact details and personal information about several celebrities of the time was leaked on to the internet. Poor Paris. If we didn't know better, we would imagine these stories were being timed to generate publicity for the new single 'Stars are blind'.

Anyway, the whole thing turned out to be "silly, untrue and unfortunate", and we promise to stop blogging about toothsome socialites. Next week: Rachel Stevens gives her views on the security improvements in Vista.

* Star of 'Freaky Friday' and general bright young thing. Ask your children.