LG Electronics has launched what appears to be an iPhone lookalike handset that's dominated by a touchscreen display.

The LG-KE850 is the result of a mobile phone design partnership with Italian fashion goods maker Prada and is designed to appeal to fashion-conscious phone fans.

A comparison of the tech-specs reveals that the Apple product is superior in several areas, including screen resolution, data networking ability and internal memory, although the Prada phone does offer at least one thing missing from the iPhone: a memory card slot. However, given the iPhone's capacious internal memory this might not be of great importance to some users.

The two handsets are about the same size, although the LG handset is slightly smaller. The Prada phone is 99mm by 54mm, while the iPhone is 115mm by 61mm. Both are about 12mm thick.

The phone is the product of a design collaboration between the two companies. Prada not only had input on the phone's exterior but also on key elements of the user interface, including the touch interface, ring tones and preloaded content. LG didn't disclose any further details of what content will be present on the device.

The phone is a tri-band GSM model with support for EDGE data transmission.

It will go on sale first in late February through Prada shops in the UK, France, Germany and Italy. It will cost around £390.