LG Galaxy S4 Optimus G Pro advertising stunt

Samsung will announce its Galaxy S4 smartphone today but its Korean rival, LG, is attempting to blow the party with an advertising stunt. See also Samsung Galaxy S4 new features.

While New York's Times Square has been treated to the 'Be ready 4 the next Galaxy' advertising from Samsung, LG has decided to get in on the act with a spot of trolling. Samsung didn't think it would be given complete free reign of today's tech news did it? Follow and watch the launch here: Samsung Galaxy S4 launch: live.

LG's even larger advertising sits directly above Samsung's for the Galaxy S4 and advertises its own Optimus G smartphone. It says "LG Optimus G is here 4 you now!"

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The smiley faced firm hasn't stopped their either, announcing the Optimus G Pro will use eye recognition software called Smart Video – the Galaxy S4 is tipped to flaunt similar features called Smart Scroll and Smart Pause.

"Smart Video recognizes the position of the viewer's eyes and automatically plays or stops the video without any manual input from the user." said LG. Funnily enough, this is exactly what Smart Pause is supposed to offer. See Samsung Galaxy S4 specs: confirmed.

In the Optimus G Pro's multimedia UX upgrade it will also get a Dual Camera feature which captures pictures with the front and rear cameras simultaneously.

It's becoming a more common sight to see tech companies attempting to take the attention away from a rival firm's big launch.

For just one example, at the moment BlackBerry launched its latest operating system in January, BlackBerry 10, Google puts its highly in demand Nexus 4 smartphone back on sale on the Play Store. The move was no coincidence.

We'll be providing live coverage of the Galaxy S4 launch later tonight so be sure to join us for all the news, specs, price, pictures and release date.

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