Lenovo Smartphone

Lenovo has announced its plans to release smartphones on a global scale. Updated on 11/10/12 15:05

The firm has revealed on Facebook that it plans to release smartphones outside of China. Lenovo predominantly sells laptops and tablets but wants to cash in more on the booming smartphone market. Read: Group test: what's the best smartphone?

Lenovo said on Facebook: "We won't stop at laptops and tablets--for the first time, Lenovo is making plans to sell smartphones outside China. Do you think we'll succeed, and would you want a Lenovo smartphone in your country?"

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Some of Lenovo's latest smartphones include the K800, the first Intel-powered smartphone and the quad-core LePhone K860. Lenovo is a Google partner making smartphones with the Android operating system.

We know that Lenovo is planning to launch devices outside of China but it's unclear whether the UK is on its list. We've put the question to Lenovo and will update you when we hear anything.


Lenovo has responded with the following statement which confirms the UK is not part of its global smartphone plan.

"Lenovo will continue to drive growth and innovation in PCs while expanding across four screens (PC, tablet, smartphone, smartTV) of devices and into the eco system of cloud, services and other applications that make up the PC+ market. While Lenovo is always looking at expansion opportunities for new products and markets, there are no plans to launch smartphones in the UK.  Confirmed launch markets outside of China are Russia, Indonesia, India, Philippines and Vietnam."

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