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Just Mobile’s $40 AluPen Pro, available in black or silver, is a revamp of the company’s original AluPen stylus, adding 2-in-1 functionality in a slimmer package while preserving its predecessor’s great design ethic.

(Image Caption: Pretty multifunctional: The AluPen Pro is a nice complement to any work area, letting you draw, sketch, and write with ease.)

Like the original AluPen, the 5.5-inch AluPen Pro is nicely balanced. It melds effortlessly to your hand, with its hexagonal ridges imitating the feel of a HB2 pencil (or at least a nicely-machined-aluminum version of one). On looks alone, the pen would not seem out of place on the desk of a company executive—when writing on paper, the Pelikan ballpoint twist pen takes charge, the rubber reduced to a simple black decoration.

Using the AluPen Pro's 7-mm capacitative nib on an iPad is only slightly less natural, though it sometimes feels as if you’re working with the pen’s eraser, rather than taking command of the stylus itself. That aside, the AluPen Pro is a lovely tool. If you’re looking for a multi-function stylus for the workplace, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better-looking pen.

The AluPen Pro comes with an extra nib, a replacement pen cartridge, and a black, protective sleeve.