Apple's iPhone advertising assault has succeeded in making the UK public aware of the highly anticipated handset, but the vast majority of consumers still won't consider buying one, according research from GfK NOP.

Three quarters of the 500 people polled by GfK said they were aware of the iPhone, but 72 percent said they wouldn't buy one because of the price. Just 2 percent said they were thinking of adding Apple's phone to their Christmas wishlist.

"iPhone hype is in full-force, but our data shows that it is very much a considered purchase, with its high price turning many consumers off," said Richard Jameson of GfK NOP.

"We must take into account that the UK mobile market's success has been down to subsidised handsets, therefore the iPhone's price really stands out and consumers are not used to paying in excess of £200 for a phone."

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PC Advisor's own research tells a similar story. In an online poll we ran earlier this month, only 4.9 percent of 793 respondents intended to buy an Apple iPhone any time soon. In total, 87.2 percent of respondents either said they were 'left cold' by the hype surrounding the iPhone, or not interested in this version of Apple's gadget. The really bad news for Apple is that 55.5 percent of voters said they would never buy an Apple iPhone.

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