Apple iPhone users may soon be able to use their handsets to access Swedish internet radio service Spotify.

Website TechCrunch says the internet radio has hired former director of product management at Yahoo Gustav Söderström as director of 'portable solutions' to start work on rolling-out an iPhone app.

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Spotify has been receiving a lot of press lately after it removed its 'invitation-only' restriction in the UK, allowing any web user to register with the service. Once registered, users can create a playlist of songs they want to hear from Spotify's catalogue.

They can also create 'collaborative' playlists, which are assigned their own web addresses, and can then be added to by other Spotify listeners. The tracks are broadcast in a style similar to commercial radio, in that they are peppered with adverts.

However, for 99p, Spotify users can purchase a whole day of ad-free listening time, or alternatively pay a £10 monthly subscription and never hear an advert again.

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TechCrunch says the app, which could rival Apple iTunes store, is likely to allow users to stream Spotify's entire library of tracks, as well as access the playlist function and cache them, which will save tracks and albums temporarily to the handset so users can access them when out of range of a Wi-Fi or mobile network.

Spotify is also thought to be hiring a Symbian S60 specialist, to bring the service to handsets running on that platform.

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