Thirteen airports in the US and Canada are to offer Apple iPhone users free wireless internet connectivity in August. Meanwhile, iPhone owners can also now access a language translation tool, to look up phrases in five major languages.

Boingo Wireless yesterday announced that its wireless internet access service will be free for the month to iPhone users who access it through the airports, which include Toronto and JFK.

Users interested in trying out the service are supposed to connect to the "Concourse" SSID with their iPhone at one of the identified airports; launch Safari on the iPhone and connect to the Boingo Web page; enter your e-mail address on the special promotional page and then click on the Go button.

Boingo offers Internet access at more than 100,000 hot spots around the globe, at prices ranging from $21.95 for an Unlimited account in North America or $39 for a Global account with international access.

Also yesterday, Coolgorilla announced the release of an iPhone Translator that enables English-speaking iPhone users to look up phrases in French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and German.

The iPhone Translator is in essence a five-in-one version of Coolgorilla's Talking Mobile Phrase Books for Nokia and Sony Ericsson mobile phones, released earlier this year. The service provides travelers with text and audio translations of commonly used words and phrases, spoken by a native speaker of the language.

Apple's much-hyped iPhone was released in the US in late June. It is expected in the UK in the autumn.

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