There's hype, and then there's über-hype. I believe Apple's iPhone falls into the latter category.

I'm sure that Apple is over the moon, but I seem to have missed something along the way here. Yes, Apple makes the hottest gadgets around, and yes, its stuff really does 'just work', and yes, it has the most popular music and video players on the planet. I also believe it's very much the future of pretty much everything to do with entertainment technology. But hang on everyone… it's a phone for God's sake! Okay, it's a music, video, TV and web phone – fine. I'm sure it will be brilliant. But they have been around for ages. Just get on any bus in the UK and you will be treated to a free demonstration.

As for the whole 'bringing the finger back into technology' guff that all the IT journalists are spewing, have they never lost their PDA stylus and resorted to tapping the screen with their fat sausage fingers only to leave a greasy mess? Well, I have, and it isn't nice. You spend the rest of the day breathing on the screen and rubbing it on your trouser leg.

The biggest problem I can foresee, though, is the good old rip-off Britain brigade steaming in, hiking up your phone tariff to such an extent that it would be cheaper to just hire a plane and write a message in the sky.

No, as Apple launches go, the iPhone is really not for me. I'm much more excited by Apple TV. Now this is something that I would pay out for – something useful and new. I already have an iPod video, so I have a certain amount of content stored on my laptop that I would like to watch on my TV, but the faster the BBC and Apple get together to sort out some iTunes TV content the better – and I'm sure they will.

I'm also confident that it will work as simply as Apple's confident three-step promise: download, synch, watch. This is what we have always been promised by digital media – a fast link from computer to TV so you can watch what you want when you want, but without requiring extra software to buy and dowload and a degree in IT to get the sound to synch with the pictures. Bring it on, Apple.

But the phone will be off the hook so I can watch a movie in peace.