O2 said on Friday that it sold more iPhone 3G S handsets on launch day than it did on the day the iPhone 3G was released in the UK.

O2 spokeswoman Emma Hart confirmed that the higher sales were not due to the registration issues that marred the launch of the iPhone 3G. She told Macworld UK: "Last year we had a slower processing time for the first hour, but by 10am we were up and running fine. We are confident we processed as many customer as we could that day."

O2 described seeing 10 times higher than average footfall in its stores during the launch morning, leading it to anticipate selling 50 per cent more iPhone 3G S handsets than it did on launch day for the iPhone 3G.

Hart went on to confirm that the company was confident it would be able to meet demand for the iPhone 3G S. “We have been through the experience before so we are able to anticipate stock levels, and replenish them quickly.”

One interesting observation is that the black iPhone 3G S was outselling the white version by 3:1 on Friday. O2 also confirmed that over half its iPhone customers have already downloaded the iPhone 3.0 software.

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