With the internet opening up more entertainment possibilities than ever before it might seem a bit antiquated to be listening to the radio, but the old fashioned wireless is still an incredibly popular format all over the globe. Every country from the richest to the poorest has radio stations for music, sport, news and plenty inbetween.

Of course, the limitations of radio traditional technology mean that you have to be in range of the transmitter to listen in. Now though, more and more radio stations are taking their content online, there are even online only radio stations. One fantastic side effect of this is no matter where you are in the world you can listen to a radio station from the comfort of your laptop.

There are a few ways of getting internet radio in Windows 8, you can search the web and click on appropriate links to stream the audio from individual sites, but there are better ways. Search the Windows App Store for TuneIn and you’ll be able to download a free application that makes getting web radio really, really easy.

TuneIn splits radio stations up in to different categories to make it easy to find exactly what you’re after. Simply click on the type of content you want and you can drill down even further to find something you want. The stations on offer are wide-ranging and from all corners of the world. You can restrict your search by area so, if you’re looking for sports stations in northern America you click on Sports > By location and then on North America, choose a country and local area from the options and then you’ll see all the stations available. Click on a station and in seconds you’ll be listening to the likes of WMFQ 92.9FM based in Ocala in the United States.

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