It's three days until the 3G iPhone goes on sale, but one patient group of iPhone fans has been queuing for the official launch day since before the weekend.

The Waiting for Apples group has chosen the high-profile release of the next generation iPhone to draw attention to their efforts to encourage the next US president to plant an organic farm on the White House lawn.

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As well as attempting to set a record for the longest time spent queuing to buy something, those behind the publicity stunt want to encourage people to grow their own food. "We are not just buying iPhones for ourselves," says an open letter on Waiting for Apple's website. "We will also purchase iPhones for Barack Obama and John McCain, because the world needs an American president to 'think different'!" The open letter is addressed to Apple CEO Steve Jobs, New York City Major Michael Bloomberg, New York City Governor David Paterson, and New York Senators Hillary Clinton and Charles Schumer.

The queue started forming outside Apple's store on Fifth Avenue, New York, last Friday – a week before the 3G iPhone is due to go on sale.

SolarOne, a green energy, arts and education centre in New York, has supplied the group with a Solar-powered generator, which has been used to power an iPod, among other things.

With additional reporting from Elizabeth Montalbano