Offices are not generally kind to the environment. But with a little bit of effort, we can all be kinder to the planet.

This article appears in the February 07 issue of PC Advisor, onsale now in all good newsagents.

Offices are not renowned for being environmentally-friendly. Travelling to and from them creates pollution and, once there, we gobble up resources and our PCs pump out harmful emissions. And this is without considering the disastrous effect on our planet that dumping reams of paper and defunct equipment has.

At last, however, technology is waking up to its bad habits. It's beginning to kick start some initiatives that might mean it won't have to stay at the back of the class when it comes to green credentials.

Work Wise UK ran a Commute Smart Day in November 2006, encouraging people to use modern technology that would enable them to work from home, or to work flexibly to stagger their journeys to work. The aim was to cut down carbon monoxide emissions caused by heavy traffic in peak commute times.

The organisation believes working standard 9am-5pm hours at the office is not only outdated, but creates a huge amount of unnecessary pollution, too. Work Wise is pushing employers to use technology that allows more freedom over when and where employees work. This will help reduce pollution and achieve a better work/life balance.

But Work Wise isn't the only organisation worried by the antigreen nature of the office. Version One, a British software manufacturer, has recently launched a carbon-neutral initiative. The company aims to compensate for the emissions it creates by planting trees and encouraging car shares, recycling and energy saving among its staff.

These may be only small steps towards a greener workplace, but we can all take a leaf out of the eco-warriors' book by doing our bit.