Bricking a gadget--that is, rendering it unusable--is a risk that all gadget hackers and tinkerers take. Bringing a bricked phone back to life can be a pain too, but a pair of XDA Developers may have found a quicker solution to the issue.

Adam Outler and "Rebellos" of the developer collective Team HummingMod have created the Hummingbird Interceptor Bootloader (HIBL), also known as the UnBrickable Mod, which lets you unbrick a phone. To use it, install UnBrickable Mod onto your device, and install UnBrickable Resurecttor and Heimdall One-Click on your computer. From there, follow Adam's steps carefully to either protect yourself from possible bricking or to resurrect your already-bricked phone.

Of course, should you need to make a hardware mod to the phone to bring it back to life, Adam has though of that too. He found that soldering a wire from the processor pin to a resistor removed the need for the much more drastic hardware modifications that are sometimes required to get a bricked gadget to work again.

As of right now, UnBrickable Resurecttor only works on PCs running Linux, or on Windows PCs with certain drivers installed. Additionally, this hack currently only works with Samsung Captivate phones due to the hardware elements, but support for more phones with different OSes is in the works.

Sounds a little complicated? It is, but it's a step toward making it a little easier to undo the damage done to a modded phone.

Check out Adam's run-through in the video to get a better idea of how this works.

[XDA Developers via Hack A Day]

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