Verizon will finally be filling the curious HTC One-shaped hole in its smartphone roster. See also: HTC One review: a fantastic high-end Android smartphone.

While Big Red is home to a number of HTC phones, the aluminum-suited flagship--generally regarded as one of the best models on the market--has only been available on the other national carriers (in addtion to some dinky regional ones) since its introduction. Even Google is offering an unlocked version expected to be available in the Google Play store on June 26.

Well, long-suffering Verizon users, this strange omission will finally be addressed... before the end of the summer.

Verizon tweeted yesterday that the HTC One will be available on the company's LTE network "later this summer." No exact date has been released.

It's coming -- the HTC One will be available on the #Verizon Wireless 4G LTE network later this summer #HTCOne @htcusa

A lot is still unknown. The HTC One website does not make any mention of Verizon, nor has the official HTC Twitter page. No word on pricing has been announced, but we can only suppose it will be in neighborhood of other top-shelf smartphones offered by the carrier. Verizon sells the iPhone 5, Galaxy S4, and Galaxy Note II for $200 (with a two year contract). So we would expect the HTC One to be available in that price range if not somewhat cheaper.