High Tech Computer today announced the HTC Touch. The HTC Touch is a Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.0 Professional OS device designed with one-touch screen features giving users instant access to emails, contacts and appointments. In other words, a Windows Mobile 6.0-based Apple iPhone killer. Story now updated with pictures of the HTC Touch - see page 2.

The main difference appears to be the focus on entertainment for the iPhone, while the Touch focuses on email and other more business-like uses.

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HTC is the largest maker of Microsoft Windows Mobile mobile devices. HTC's focus on a 2.8in touchscreen on the HTC Touch is similar to the Apple iPhone, which is due out later this month.

The touchscreen technology on the HTC Touch was developed by HTC, the company said today. Users need only sweep their fingers across the screen to bring up an animated interface comprising three views: Contacts, Media and Applications. The views also allow finger control for scrolling on documents and browsing web pages.

Apple has also highlighted touchscreen features as a key reason to try its Apple iPhone, including scrolling through songs and movies on the 3.5-inch wide display.

The HTC Touch does not come with large internal flash memory capacity for music and movie storage, which the iPhone will have. HTC instead offers a microSD drive, and a 1GB microSD card is included with the handset.

The HTC Touch includes multiple wireless technologies, including triband GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) for voice, while data can be uploaded and downloaded to the Internet quickly via EDGE (Enhanced Data for GSM Evolution) and Wi-Fi. Device-to-device data transmission is offered via Bluetooth.

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