You've heard about talking to God on the great white telephone, but how about a chat on your holy mobile?

Just as goody-goody Disney exits the mobile space, in comes a service for tech-savvy Christians. You can even download the whole Bible for £6.

Monmouthshire-based Teimlo has launched a service called Ecumen to deliver daily prayers, wallpaper and bell-ringing ring tones.

Popular wallpapers available through the Ecumen website include pictures of angels, Noah's Ark, Jesus walking on water and religious messages and symbols.

Ring tones range from the traditional 'Amazing Grace' and 'Bread of Heaven' to modern songs by rock group Delirious. Christians must have a sense of humour as you can also have "burps and laughs" ring tones and a more worrying "pig squeal".

You can also download non-violent family-friendly games, such as 'Habbo Creatures Tweedle' – although I hope that 'Jet Set Willy' isn't a dig at circumcision.

Pastor Robbie Howells, of Newport City Church, south Wales, rather added to the stereotype that this new mobile service is trying to dispel when he said: " It's getting the message across in a fun, funky way."

As acoustic guitars and long hair in the pulpit have shown, fun and funky things are just a bit subjective.

I'm not sure if Steve Jobs will want there to be room for another God on Apple's iPhone, but at least this beats a plague of Crazy Frogs.