The T-Mobile G1 - the first mobile phone handset to run Google Android - goes on sale in the UK today. See our full T-Mobile G1 review here, and click here for our Google Android review.

The T-Mobile G1 was available from several T-Mobile stores from 7am this morning. It comes free with a £40-a-month contract.

According to the Guardian, more than 25,000 people have registered interest in the G1 with T-Mobile since the phone's US launch last month, so demand is expected to be high in the UK. T-Mobile has an exclusive 12-month deal to run Google Android on its phones.

As well as built-in support for a number of Google Apps, the Google phone boasts GPS and full wireless web browsing. Indeed, T-Mobile's marketing materials refer to the G1 as 'the phone that's built for the internet'.

T-Mobile G1

Analysts expect Google Android and the G1 to be a success. James Parker of, said: "The G1 Google phone looks set to be an innovative handset and will certainly provide competition to the iPhone.

"Although slightly lacking in the looks department, advantages over the iPhone include a superior camera and much better web browsing.

"Android, the 'open-source' operating system of the new G1, allows anyone to create their own software to work with the device. Android is an innovative and powerful operating system offering unlimited potential for the software on the handset as the capabilities are, in effect, determined by those writing the software."

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