US consumers starved for details about Apple's soon to be released iPhone have a few new photos and movies to peruse before getting their hands on one next week.

The video section of the iPhone website talks about several of the technologies in the device. Muti-touch and the ability to control the interface with your fingers; OS X as the underpinnings of the iPhone; Wireless, including EDGE and Wi-Fi; and the different sensors in the iPhone are all covered.

The video section continues in three sections: Phone, iPod and Internet. There are some interesting things to watch for in the videos, like the options that appear on the screen while making a phone call and how easy it is to merge calls.

It is also interesting to watch the SMS and Mail sections to see the demo being shown typing with two fingers (or thumbs). This is a feature that is particularly important to BlackBerry users who have become accustomed to typing very fast with their thumbs.

The photo gallery shows the iPhone in many different positions, but of particular note are pictures showing the iPhone in the dock and another showing the new earbuds with a built-in mic.

The iPhone officially goes on sale on June 29.

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