If you think you get what you pay for when it comes to BlackBerry Storm apps, then we can prove you wrong. Check out our list of the five best free apps for BlackBerry's newest smartphone.

When it comes to BlackBerry apps, its normally a case of you get what you pay for. However, we've rounded up five apps that will enhance your overall smartphone experience, and they're free.

This selection includes free software to help you locate businesses, restaurants, hotels and more, from wherever you may be; an app that locks your BlackBerry Storm's screen during calls, a YouTube client for watching Storm-optimised videos on the go, a Storm-optimised mobile news aggregator, and an on-device music store.

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Beyond cool: Beyond411 local search for the Storm

The Beyond411 search app isn't new but its support for the storm is. Now BlackBerry Storm users have access to the same speedy local search, GPS support and BlackBerry address book integration available to all other BlackBerry owners via Beyond411.

To employ the app, you pre-set locations - like home or work - or use GPS and then type what you're looking for; then the application provides a listing of the closest options. The software also calculates driving directions based on preset locations or you can employ GPS to determine current locations. (Note: There were some early reports of GPS issues with the Storm version of Beyond411, but the developer behind the app says they've all been resolved.)

To reduce the number of keystrokes needed, Beyond411 'guesses' what you want, as you start typing characters. The application supports BlackBerry address book integration and can add search results to your address books or email them in the form of v-cards.

Beyond411 can also help identify the best prices on item at local retailers using the Yokel shopping search service, although this part of the service currently works only in the US. You'll also find a set of external plug-ins, for flight status tracking and eBay bidding on the Beyond411 site.

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