The iPhone is kind of a fingerprint magnet. It attracts smudges the way Black Friday sales attract insanity. And the brilliant people at Phone Fingers saw this as an opportunity - nay, a duty. A way to prevent people from desecrating their holy iPhones with their greasy, oily fingers.

For just 7 Euros, you can buy a set of 25 phone fingers, latex sheathes that cover your thumb and forefinger (or, presumably, any other finger you choose to use your iPhone with). They claim that the iPhone’s touchscreen works perfectly with the Phone Fingers; we claim that you will look really stupid wearing them. Which is true? Both, neither? You decide.

Before you go out and spend you 7 Euros on disassembled latex gloves, I feel obliged to let you know that the fine minds here at PC Advisor have come up with our own competing revolutionary way of removing fingerprints and smudges from your iPhone.

It’s an innovative cleaning fabric that, with one simple swipe, will clean your iPhone from top to bottom. Better yet, it comes in an almost infinite number of colours and designs. And, just for kicks, we’ve also designed it so it’ll keep your torso warm, while enabling you to use your arms and head. We call it the shirt. Available now at reasonable prices from fine retailers the world over.

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