Emblaze Mobile this week said that its upcoming First Else smartphone and Linux-based Else Intuition operating system will revolutionise the mobile phone market. it failed to add any details of when it will launch or what it will cost, however.

The First Else was launched yesterday, and will be on sale sometime next year. This much we know.

Emblaze says that the Else Intuition OS the First Else runs will place the focus on apps, rather than phone hardware. The software will include a nifty function that allows users to place the phone on silent, and then answer calls with a pre-recorded message. Perfect for meetings and social occasions were it is not possible to answer the phone.

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Software aside, the First Else will sport a 3.5in touchscreen, 5Mp camera, GPS and 32GB of storage. It will connect to the web via 3G and Wi-Fi.

CEO Amir Kupervas said: "Imagine a device that is not a phone surrounded by gimmicks you will not use; where the camera literally replaces your digital camera; you get real-time push email wherever you are on the globe; almost every song and film in the world is one click away; and any one of its multitude of features is reached with no more than one light gesture of your finger and not buried deep inside folders within folders."