Collaboration drives business results and one of the biggest trends of collaboration is the convergence of real-time collaboration and social work-life balance, according to Citrix online services chief technology officer, Dr. Bernd Christiancen.

He was speaking at the Citrix's Synergy 2013 conference, held in Los Angeles.

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Christiancen said social collaboration in apps will transform into collaboration platforms, making capabilities such as video conferencing or screen sharing available as a set of application programming interfaces (APIs).

"Now, collaboration becomes a core feature of what businesses deliver to their users, and these users expect collaboration to be a part of their apps," he said.

Christiancen said the transformation of collaboration in apps to become collaboration platforms needs to leverage Cloud technologies and the ability to securely transfer the file.

"Make this a feature of your app. It's way easier and faster. You can take that concept to the extreme and take services to mix and match with the platform. The place where this is starting to happen is in mobile," he claimed.

According to Christiancen, consumers expect a certain frequency in which apps are updated, and for businesses to meet those demands, they have to change the development model of apps to include third party services.

"It sounds like a big shift but you got to realise that this is already happening in the mobile world."

He also mentioned that apps will become the face of work.

"For each and every business, it will drive enormous amount of data into their social platform, and it's not just random data; it's data that is relevant to them and they own and have a say in it it's their personal Big Data," he added.

Hafizah Osman attended the event as a guest of Citrix.