PC Advisor's guide to the best five GPS devices on the market today.

Satellite navigation has become a bolt-on for mobile phones and is a worthy selling point for some of the pricier models.

For our money, however, a standalone model is where the technology really proves its worth. For one thing, a phone screen is too small for this task.

The maps provided by TeleAtlas and Navteq are worth updating periodically - for many people, the most valuable aspect is traffic management, which can alert you to congestion ahead and offer to reroute your journey.

Lane assistance and safety-camera alerts are also worth looking out for.

While satellite navigation is no substitute for a good old-fashioned map, it can help you pick your way through an unknown city and identify the fastest or most fuel-efficient route from A to B.

Your trusty satnav can also take the mental strain while you enjoy the drive. For Best Buy products in six great categories, visit PC Advisor's Christmas 2008 Buyers' Guide.

Top 5 GPS/satnav device reviews:

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