Businesses shouldn't rush to adopt the iPhone 3G according to analyst firm Enderle Group.

The company's founder and principal analyst Rob Enderle told business IT managers to wait before giving Apple's new smartphone to staff as potential flaws in the handset are unlikely to surface for several weeks.

"The problem is that Apple tends to lead on hype and does such a good job controlling initial product reviews that problems associated with the 3G iPhone probably won't be known until the week after it launches when the raft of independent reviews become available," he said.

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The second version of the iPhone software has been made more business-friendly with the addition of support for Microsoft Exchange and Cisco VPN security as well as GPS. However, concerns have already been voiced over a number of issues - including battery life.

Enderle said that businesses should wait until the autumn for the release of third-party hardware and better quality control in the App Store before adopting the new handsets.

"It would be better for employees and their companies if purchases of the new 3G iPhone were delayed until at least September when critical parts like battery life are fixed and businesses can be assured that iPhone-using employees can communicate reliably."

"In short, wait until the 3G iPhone exits Beta and meets your company's needs before embracing it," he added.