Broadband Expert is offering mobile broadband users a free subscription to Onspeed speed boosting software if they sign up for a deal through the comparison website.

Broadband Expert revealed that it trialled the OnSpeed software in locations across the UK and it cut download times by 60 percent.

"Slow mobile broadband can be really frustrating for many internet users," says Rob Webber, commercial director, at Broadband Expert.

The website monitored the time taken to download a large page of text and graphics with and without the Onspeed software using Vodafone mobile broadband in various locations around the country including Northwest London, Chelmsford, Guildford, Bournemouth and Birmingham.

The average time to download the same website page with text and images (754,928 bytes) was 5.6 seconds, compared to 2.2 seconds when the Onspeed software was used.

"Through offering Onspeed to mobile broadband customers for free, Broadband Expert is at the forefront of giving their customers' the best possible mobile broadband experience," added Jamie True, managing director of Onspeed

When web users purchase a mobile broadband deal from the site, they will be directed on how to apply for the free Onspeed subscription, worth £24.99.

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