An IT consultant who returned from holiday to find a £31,500 telephone bill on his door mat has thrown mobile roaming charges into the spotlight once again.

IT consultant Iayn Dobsyn, 34, used his handset to download several music files and an episode of 'Prison Break' while on holiday in Portugal. He told The Times he knew he'd downloaded lots of data during his break, "but not to the tune of £31,000".

Dobsyn, whose monthly bill is typically £150, said Blackburn-based legal firm Farleys Solicitors LLP managed to persuade UK telecoms supplier Yes Telecom to reduce the bill to £229.

Danielle Mestraud of Farleys Solicitors told the Press Association: "Yes Telecom said it had checked the bill and it was happy it was accurate and that it would be seeking payment."

She added: "It would be prudent for the provider to contact the customer if their usage was unusually high."