RIM (Research in Motion) is launching a new version of its popular BlackBerry Pearl smartphone handset in the UK. Available initially via 02, the BlackBerry Pearl 8120 will be released in purple as well the shiny black livery of the original Pearl handset RIM launched last year.

The Pearl 8120 comes with Wi-Fi connectivity in addition to the GPRS/Edge wireless function of the first Pearl handset, the 8100. In this respect, this brings the Pearl line-up closer to the feature set of RIM's BlackBerry Curve handsets. However, unlike any existing BlackBerry handsets, the Pearl 8120 boasts video-capture capabilities.

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The Pearl 8120 requires a microSD card to be present in order for the video capture functionality to work, but is able to take and display digital still photos without the need to a removable memory card.

The BlackBerry Pearl 8120 boasts a 2Mp camera with zoom. This is an improvement on the 1.3Mp camera built into the Pearl 8100, but far less than the 5Mp and more sensors being built into multimedia-focused phones such as the LG Viewty KU990.

Like RIM, Apple chose a relatively low megapixel camera for its iPhone – the much-anticipated smartphone set for UK launch on Friday.

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