The BlackBerry 8310 is the most popular handset for Brits to browse the mobile web, on according to a new survey.

The latest installment of the State of the Mobile Web survey by web browser developer Opera also identified that the Sony Ericsson K800i is the next most popular handset for internet on the move, closely followed by the Blackberry 8100, the BlackBerry 8800 and the Nokia 6300.

While the UK love-in with RIM's BlackBerry continues, it's a different story globally. Across the 10 countries surveyed by Opera, Nokia's N70 handset came out as the most popular mobile device to surf the web when on the move.

"The quality of the screen, the form factor, the usability of the device all factor in to making a great internet experience. So we decided to look at the most popular handsets around the world. Some discoveries really surprised us," said Jon S von Tetzchner, CEO of Opera.

"The BlackBerry devices have large screens, perfect for surfing the web, and they also come with good data plans, which is why they're popular in the UK," he added.

The research also revealed that Google has regained its top spot as the most popular website to view on the mobile web. The search engine had fallen to second place last month after being overtaken by Yahoo.