Due to incorrect information provided by a vendor, the story, "Birdeez app flies toward birdwatchers' iPhones," posted to the wire on Tuesday, misstated the availability of the product. It is not available at this time.

The story has been clarified on the wire. The 10th paragraph now reads as follows:

The app runs natively on the iPhone and talks to EcoLek's servers for information such as local bird lists. Once the app is available, it will be free until Oct. 10, when it will shift to a "freemium" business model, Simeon said. Eventually, one feature that paying customers will get is the ability to access the appropriate bird database information in areas without mobile network access. He declined to name a price, saying the company plans to explore what users want to pay. In addition to iOS, the company hopes eventually to deliver Android and HTML5-based versions.