Best selfie stick fails and awkward photos

The selfie stick is one of the hottest new tech accessories right now and although the gadget can be handy, it doesn't always go as the user intended. Here's we've rounded up the best selfie stick fails and awkward photos.

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Whether or not you've joined the selfie stick craze – perhaps you got one for Christmas or you hate having to dodge round someone using one – there are some funny results to be found on the internet.

1. Awkward selfie stick phonecall at CES 2015

Awkward selfie stick photo


2. We're not sure selfie sticks really work with a mirror

Selfie stick fail mirror


3. Make sure you aim it properly

Selfie stick fail pose


4. Make sure it's secure (hopefully this phone is waterproof)

Selfie stick fail water


5. You're doing it wrong

Selfie stick fail food


6. You're doing it wrong, too

Selfie stick fail

7. Fake selfie stick

Fake selfie stick

8. Innovative but still a fake

Fake selfie stick