The recent CTIA wireless telecommunications trade show, which took place in Las Vegas, was awash with handsets running Microsoft's recently launched Windows Mobile 6.5, as well as those using Google's Android.

We've rounded up the hottest handsets that were on display.

Samsung Moment

By far, the most exciting new handset announced at CTIA was the Samsung Moment. This is the second Google Android handset Samsung announced this week, following the Samsung Behold II.

The Moment's best feature is its 3.2in AMOLED display. In my quick hands-on review of the Moment, I found that colours looked bright and accurate, animations were smooth, and details were crisp during video playback.

It also has a very wide viewing angle so you can view video with the phone on a flat surface with no distortion or colour change.

The Moment doesn't have a fancy interface like the HTC Hero or the Motorola Cliq, just the standard, out-of-the-box version of Android. If you're looking for slicker software, check out Samsung's other Android offering, the Behold II.

Samsung Behold II

Like the Moment, the Behold II has a 3.2in AMOLED screen. While I didn't get to see the screen in action, we can pretty much assume it will be of the same calibre as the Moment's - the technology is similar.

The Behold II runs Samsung's widget-based Touch Wiz interface, which has been refreshed for the Android platform. One new feature is a slick-looking cube menu that provides shortcuts to the top multimedia features: music, photos, videos, the browser, and the Amazon MP3 store.

In terms of hardware, the Behold II looks a lot like its predecessor, the first-generation Behold. There's no hardware keyboard, so you'll have to rely on the somewhat imperfect native Android software keyboard.

The Behold II also has a 5Mp camera with autofocus and a flash as well as Wi-Fi connectivity.

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