iPhone 3GS Today's hot Apple rumour suggests an 8GB version of the Apple iPhone 3GS may be on its way. In what appears to be an internal memo, Canadian wireless provider Rogers says it's "transitioning" to an as-yet unannounced 8-gig iPhone 3GS handset, and that it's reducing inventory of the older 3G model.

The Boy Genius Report reckons it has the scoop, with screen grabs that purportedly show documents from Rogers.

Real or not? You make the call.

In today's ultra-competitive smartphone market, an iPhone 3GS 8GB would make sense. Verizon Wireless is reportedly set to slash prices on most of its smartphones, and it's clear that smartphones are becoming less of an early-adopter gadget and more of a mainstream device for budget-conscious consumers who prefer free or really cheap handsets.

Let's take a look at the current US pricing of Apple's iPhone lineup:

  • 3G 8GB is $99
  • 3GS 16GB is $199
  • 3GS 32GB is $299

If Apple launches an iPhone 3GS 8GB, what would it cost? Two possible scenarios:

  • $149, and the 3G stays at $99
  • $99, and the 3G drops to a bargain-basement $49 or is discontinued

Personally, I think the 3G will get the boot. It's an old-timer by smartphone standards, and the 3GS is selling like crazy. Plus two 8GB iPhones with similar names - 3G and 3GS - would only confuse consumers.

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