PC Advisor understands that the Apple iPhone will launch in the UK in September 2007. But despite reports, O2 says it has not yet reached agreement with Apple to be the UK launch partner.

Apple has remained tight-lipped on a UK launch date for its iPod and mobile-phone hybrid, which is generally expected to be on UK shelves 'before Christmas'.

But sources close to Apple recently revealed to PC Advisor that the iPhone peripherals and add-ons industry is 'boxed up and ready to go' with iPhone-related products - and they 'would bet' that the Apple iPhone handset will launch in the UK during September.

Meanwhile, mobile phone operator O2 has still not confirmed whether it's won the sought-after deal to carry UK calls for Apple's iPhone. Earlier this month, unconfirmed press reports suggested that O2 had beaten off competition from rival Vodafone. The reports claimed that the deal was done and that O2 was set to sign imminently an exclusive contract to support Apple's handset.

At the time a spokesman for O2's owner, Telefonica, said that a deal had not been signed. PC Advisor contacted O2 today and a spokesperson reiterated that O2 and Apple had not reached a deal on the iPhone. O2 would not even confirm that it was in negotiations with Apple to carry calls for the iPhone.

Apple's iPhone launched in the US amid huge fanfare on June 29. Analysts expect it to retail for around £300 in the UK. Read our definitive review of the Apple iPhone here.

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