Apple has finally taken the lid off of the iPhone 4. While it's not the "iPhone 5" that many publications and analysts were expecting, the new smartphone is looking like a significant upgrade over the last model. Here's a breakdown of the hard specs:

Retina Display -- Same as the iPhone 4, the screen that render pixels unseeable.

Glass Casing -- Layered on the back of the device.

A5 Chip -- Supports dual-core graphics, and is said by Apple to be seven times faster than the iPhone 4.

8 MegaPixel Camera -- Lets in 73% more light, 33% fast shutter speed, back-lighting, and overall improved sharpness/color. At 3364 x 2448, iPhone 5 has a 60 percent pixel boost over the iPhone 4. The camera is also much faster-- it only takes 1.1 seconds to take a picture, .5 seconds for a second picture-- that's 2 to 3 times faster than competing Android phones.

1080p Video Recording -- Boast better quality than the iPhone 4, which capped out at 720p

Faster downloads-- Twice as fast as iPhone 4. 14.4Mbps versus 7.2Mbps on iPhone 4.

Siri-- Apple's new intelligent assistant that utilizes voice commands. You can ask for directions, have it dictate messages, set reminders, bring up maps, and even talk about the weather. Siri remembers previous chats and adapts.

And for the battery usage?

3G Talk Time -- 8 Hours

2G Talk Time -- 14 Hours

3G Browsing -- 6 Hours

Wi-Fi Browsing -- 9 Hours

Video Playback -- 10 Hours

Music Playback -- 40 Hours