PC Advisor reader Tomek Jasinski is blogging from the iPhone queue outside Apple's Regent Street store in London.

Today is the official release date for the iPhone in the UK, and keen fans have been queuing since yesterday morning to be among the first to get their hands on the device.

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Jasinski turned up at the Apple Store at 4pm yesterday, and reports that he was the fourth person to arrive. "Originally I was going to come here with my friend L, but he had 'more important' things to do.. More Important - you ask? What can be more important than being first (original idea) in the queue for an iPhone!," says Jasinski on his blog.

"You may be wondering what I'm planning to do in this 24-hour period," he adds. "Thanks to my friend Mike, I have a PSP (don't tell him - he didn't know I'd be here in the rain, I told him I wanted to play some games over the weekend) and now at least I have internet access! YaY for the Apple Wi-Fi network!"

Like other iPhone devotees, Jasinski brought snacks and the all-important sleeping bag to see him through the night. By 5 o'clock yesterday afternoon, he'd had his photograph taken by the press four times, while Apple staff had been supplying those queuing with warm drinks, umbrellas and bags.

See his blog for more updates.