All the hype remains with Apple’s iOS devices – the iPhone and iPad – but research suggests that it’s Google’s Android that is winning the smartphone sales war.

According to Nielsen’s April survey of mobile consumers 36 percent of smartphone consumers now have an Android device, compared to 26 percent for Apple iOS iPhones and 23 percent for RIM BlackBerry.

The survey reports that 37 percent of US mobile consumers now have a smartphone, rather than a not-so-smart phone.

Earlier this month a report by Gartner stated that Android had become the worldwide most popular smartphone operating system in the first quarter of 2011, while Apple saw its share of the market grow.

Smartphone sales added up to 100.8 million, compared to 54.5 million in Q1 last year.

In 2010 Apple’s iPhone was outselling Android smartphones.

According to the Nielsen findings consumers with Android and Apple iOS smartphones exhibit data-intensive usage:

74 percent of Android smartphone owners and 79 percent of iPhone owners report having downloaded apps in the past 30 days

43 percent of Android owners and 46 percent of iPhone owners say they streamed online music or mobile radio in the past 30 days

35 percent of Android smartphone consumers and 37 percent of iPhone owners report having watched video or mobile TV in the past 30 days

Smartphone sales share chart 2011

Smartphone data usage 2011

An analysis of nearly 65,000 mobile phone bills in the US reveals that in the first quarter of 2011 Android smartphone owners consumed an average of 582MB of data each month, compared to 492 MB for iPhone owners.

So while a higher proportion of iPhone owners engage in these activities, consumers with Android devices who engage in these activities consume more data on average.