Acer announced at Computex today that it is to sell a Ferrari PDA (personal digital assistant). The Acer Ferrari Windows Mobile PDA is the latest in Acer's line of Ferrari-branded technology. The Acer Ferrari line includes laptop PCs and a monitor.

The black Acer Ferrari PDA has apple red trim and runs Windows Mobile software. It's officially called the Ferrari Racing Personal Navigator, a reference to its built-in GPS (global positioning system). The Ferrari Racing Personal Navigator bears a strong family resemblance to Acer's c500 PDA.

While the two Acer PDAs may look alike, they use different hardware under the hood, according to Acer. Detailed specifications were not available.

The Acer Ferrari PDA comes with special wallpaper that features Ferrari cars, and it offers special sound effects, such as the sound of a roaring engine, for various user actions, Acer said.

Other specifications include ALK CoPilot version 6.0 navigation software, a slot for an SD (Secure Digital) card, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The Ferrari Racing Personal Navigator PDA will first be available in Europe beginning during the third quarter of this year. Pricing has yet to be determined.


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