There's enough iPhone hype out there to drown out news that Paris Hilton was seen pole dancing for Harry Potter. Either Apple has invented the best thing since the iPod or CEO Steve Jobs' famed Reality Distortion Field is set to 11.

I know that the sample might be rather skewed by coming from Apple-centric readers, but I was stunned by the poll result on Macworld UKs website.

A not-inconsiderable number of people (3,603 at the time of writing) were polled about when they'd be buying an iPhone when it is released in the UK at the end of this year.

A whopping 95.5% stated that they would be buying "straight away".

A mere 2.2% would wait a few months, 1.6% "in a year or so" and 0.7% "not at all".

If the poll had been answered by less than a couple of hundred people I'd have dismissed this near-unanimous result without thought. But over three and a half thousand people polled is a significant number, and we await the UK launch with much anticipation.

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