Ninety-one percent of metropolitan online adults in China are SuperConnected, according to a new report by Forrester Research.

The majority of these online adults access the mobile Internet at least once a week or engage in multiple advanced activities monthly or more often.

SMS is the most frequently used mobile phone feature, and 202 million of the one billion mobile subscribers in China are 3G subscribers.

Currently there are over one billion mobile subscribers in China and this makes the country the largest mobile phone market in the world. Computer is no longer the preferred device and consumers now use their mobile phone as their primary connection to the Internet.

The report titled "Mobile Habits of the Retail Shopper in China" shows that men are more likely to own a smartphone than women in metropolitan China.

About two-thirds of smartphone owners in metropolitan China are in the 18-to-44-year-old age group. Less than 40 percent of mobile phone owners older than 44 years own a smartphone.

Demand for affordable smartphones

Demand for affordable smartphones is growing in China and several low-budget smartphone manufacturers are working towards addressing this demand from a growing middle class of consumers.

Software and e-commerce solutions provider Alibaba is offering low-budget smartphones and Xiaomi is selling US$300 smartphones to consumers in China.

About 50 percent of China's population lives in rural areas and here the feature phones are used to access the rest of the nation. Chinese living in the rural areas of the nation have little access to stores and goods and for this reason they shop online using the feature phones.

Android is the operating system of choice for domestic smartphone manufacturers and 40 percent of mobile phone users in metropolitan China said they use Android. About 100 percent of mobile phone users in metropolitan areas talk on their phone at least daily, and about 69 percent send SMS at least daily.

Twenty-six percent of online mobile phone consumers like to use their phone to look up product information, and 24 percent use it to look up business information. Thirty-two percent of mobile phone owners use their phones to receive coupons and promotions at least once a month and 15 percent use their phones to make a purchase at least monthly.